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October 27, 2020
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Nov 13, 2008


   The Brothers and Sisters of Local 177 wish to congratulate the following members who have recently retired. We extend our heartfelt best wishes to all our retirees.

MEMBER                                    EMPLOYER/WORK LOCATION          YEARS OF SERVICE



Frank Hughes                    North Jersey Feeder Driver                 37   

Jerry Smith                       Parsippany Package Car Driver            35

John Kobee                       Mt Olive Package Car Driver                32


Tom Gerrity                       North Jersey Feeder Driver                 26

Todd Rogoff                       Spring Valley Package Car Driver         29 


John Alston                         Meadowlands Feeder Driver                36

Mike Dougherty                   North Jersey Feeder Driver                 28

Tom Nowicke                      North Jersey Feeder Driver                   28

Arty Goodman                     North Jersey Feeder Driver                  20

Edilberto Huamancaja          P/T Parsippany Preload                       31

Zbignew 'Ziggy' Radomski    Mt Olive Package Car Driver                31

Anthony Taveroni                Saddle Brook Package Car Driver         26



Jose Dominguez                  North Jersey Feeder Driver                  30

Carlos Pereira                     Journeyman Automotive Mechanic        27  

Olivia McCloggan                 P/T Parsippany Day Hub                      25

Gary Kiely                           Gould Ave Package Car Driver              40

Walter Carretero                  Gould Ave Package Car Driver              27

Wing Ip                              Meadowlands Feeder Driver                  20

Charlie Levan                      Edison Feeder Driver                            33

John Juliano                        Trenton Package Car Driver                  34

Liliana Vasquez                   P/T Meadowlands Midnight Hub             20

Yocasta Jimenez                  P/T Meadowlands Twilight Hub              19


Mike Donnelly                      North Jersey Feeder Driver                  42

Rose Mac Millan                   Mt Olive 22.3                                      27

Vivencio Cruz                       P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                27

Mike Pepper                         P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                25

James Faherty                      P/T Mt Olive Twilight Hub                    20

Tom Egan                            Mt Olive Package Car Driver                 29

Ronald Papa                         Edison Package Car Driver                   35

Paul Serafin                         Journeyman Automotive Mechanic         21 


Tom Dempsey                      Chester NY Package Car Driver            33

Russ Hardgrove                    North Jersey Feeder Driver                  34

Larry Gallacher                     North Jersey Feeder Driver                  32

John Winson                         P/T Parsippany Preload                       36

Patricia Guerette                   Meadowlands Clerk                             37

Bert Foley                             Mt Olive Package Car Driver                26

Donald Reilly                         Saddle Brook Clerk                             35

Kenny Kelleman                     Mt Olive Clerk                                    39

Scott Cooper                          Mt Olive Package Car Driver                26  

Fernando Atienza                    P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                27

Larry Schwartz                       P/T Saddle Brook Twilight Hub             32 

Michael Canfield                     Gould Ave Package Car Driver              34


Vinnie Waiters                       Edison Feeder Driver                          36

Shawn McCabe                      Parsippany Car Wash                          41

Jimmy Barclay                       Spring Valley Clerk                             36

Ross Markwell                        Edison Feeder Driver                          34

Jimmy Hamill                         Mt Olive Package Car Driver               20

Carrol Bernard                       P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub               25

Jean Hamid Malki                   P/T Parsippany Midnight Hub              23

Rich Donnelly                         Meadowlands Feeder Driver                15

Chris Swatko                         Meadowlands Clerk                             33 

Dave Ingrassia                       Meadowlands Feeder Driver                 32

Tim Torode                            Lakewood Package Car Driver              40

Gerard Twibill                         Lakewood Package Car Driver              39


Bobby Pinheiro                      Saddle Brook Package Car Driver          32

Lisa Smith                             Mt Olive Package Car Driver                 25

Robert Frei                            Saddle Brook Package Car Driver          32

Leo Budrewicz                       Edison Package Car Driver                    26

Victor Rodriguez                     P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                 22

Tom Tornatore                       Saddle Brook Package Car Driver          40

Pete Tambini                          Journeyman Automotive Mechanic        36

James Wolf                            Edison Feeder Driver                            33

Ray Suiter                              Edison Feeder Driver                           33

Archie Nuviola                         Edison Feeder Driver                           40

Benito 'Dino' Morolla               Journeyman Automotive Mechanic         32

Miroslaw Hamerlak                 Meadowlands feeder Driver                   21

Keith Pegram                         22.3 Meadowlands Hub                         33

Billy Bath                               North Jersey Feeder Driver                    37

Richard Cubelo                       Gould Ave Package Car Driver                36

Alan Manfredi                         Meadowlands Feeder Driver                    25


Joe Gonzales                          No. Jersey Feeder Driver                      33

Donald Gowans                      New Windsor Package Car Driver          31

Stacy Williams                       P/T Parsippany TwiLight                       33 


William O'Brien                       No. Jersey Feeder Driver                      26

Tim Teachen                           Edison Feeder Driver                           33


Robert Brunner                      Saddle Brook Package Car Driver          40

Gil Mitten                               Edison Feeder Driver                            26


Randy Duensing                      North Jersey Feeder Driver                   20

Wayne Johnson                       Lyndhurst Package Car Driver               30

Luz Ramirez                            Parsippany 22.3                                   23



Al Ambrogio                             Local 177 Business Agent                      35

William Gibbs                           Local 177 Business Agent                      31

Barbara Christiansen                 22.3 Parsippany Hub                            36

Orlando Helena                         P/T Saddle Brook Hub                           29

Eric Askerberg                          No. Jersey Feeder Driver                       25

Mike Morgan                             Meadowlands Clerk                               31

Janusz Lichonczak                     Meadowlands Package Car Driver           24

John Zeman                              No. Jersey Feeder Driver                      22


Robert Heneman                       Parsippany Clerk                                 33

Gary Mueller                             P/T Parsippany Midnight Hub                31

Tom Pio                                    Saddle Brook Porter                             28

Doug Bartocci                           New Windsor NY Package Car Driver      32

Tom Mullane                             P/T Parsippany Preload                         22

Gerry Loiodice                           Edison Feeder Driver                            31


Bill Flickenschild                        New Windsor NY Package Car Driver      33

Domenico Messano                    Parsippany 22.3                                   34

Brian Hartman                          Trenton Porter                                      31

Bob Tierney                              Edison Feeder Driver                             30 

Stephen Rainey                        Edison Feeder Driver                             32

David Rivera                            Edison Feeder Driver                              27


Joe Liska                                   North Jersey Feeder Driver                   34

Warren Caswell                          Meadowlands Feeders                          43

Mark Simmons                           Parsippany Package car Driver             32

Sam Tromba                              Mt Olive 22.3                                      33

Sal Biancardi                             Mt Olive Porter                                     31

Jerry Jefferies                             Mt Olive Package Car Driver                  30  

Chester Scott                            P/T Parsippant Twilight Hub                    29

Donald Hunt                              P/T Parsippany Midnight Hub                  30

Wendy Sweet                            P/T Mt Olive Preload                              26         

Danny Lamontagne                    Bound Brook Package Car Driver            25                  


Bruce Brockman                         North Jersey Feeder Driver                   38

Paul Ritzer                                 Parsippany Package Car Driver              33

Webly Jarrett                             P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                  23


Pete Shropshire                          Journeyman Maintenance Mechanic       30

John Hando                                No. Jersey Feeder Driver                      24

Phil Chiappa                               Parsippany Package Car Driver              30

Wayne Davidson                         Mt Olive Package Car Driver                  25     

Dave Giordano                            Mt Olive Package Car Driver                  19     

John Meyer                                 Mt Olive P/T Preloader                          23  

James Wurth                               Tinton Falls Package Car Driver             33

Frank Schear                               Lakewood Package Car Driver               34

Joe Severino                                Edison Package Car Driver                   30

Kathy 'Cornelia" Czarnecki            Saddle Brook Preloda P/T                     28

Janice Gifford                              22.3 Trenton Building                           25


Archie Davison                            Parsippany Feeder Driver                     27

Kenny Tintle                                Parsippany Package Car Driver             43

Lynn Nagel                                  Mt Olive Package Car Driver                 41

Bobby Martin                               Mt Oilve Package Car Driver                 36

John Julian                                  Chester NY Package Car Driver             26

Eric Ward                                    Meadowlands Feeder Driver                  32

Ron Simon                                  P/T Saddle Brook Twi Hub                     25

Mark Gocklin                               Saddle Brook Package Car driver            30

Kevin Valero                               Edison Feeder Driver                            25



Danny Kaminski                            Meadowlands Feeder Driver                  53

Carlos Louro                                 North Jersey Feeder Driver                   31 

Abdul Ali                                     Parsippany Car Washer                        38

Robert Molesky                            Edison Car Washer                              30   

Joe Abraham                               Bound Brook Package Car Driver             30

Andy Rossini                               Spring Valley Clerk                               38 

Pete Silva                                  Gould Ave Clerk                                   35

Jeff Gable                                  Gould Ave Porter                                  32

Ed Cwiek                                   Bound Brook Package Car Driver              35     

Doug Borelli                                Bound Brook Package Car Driver              29

John Mazur                                Bound Brook Package Car Driver              34

Glenn Kenworthy                        Tinton Falls Package Car Driver                31

Bob Madore                               Tinton Falls Package Car Driver                29

Glenn Kreger                              Journeyman Automotive Mechanic            25

Andre Williams                            Meadowlands Feeder Driver                     32

Mike Venezia                              Edison Feeder Driver                              32

Bobby Isenburg                          Journeyman Automotive Mechanic             33 

Maurice Hayes                            Meadowlands Hub Clerk                            31



Heidi Vojt                                  Meadowlands Hub 22.3                            30

Dave Stagg                                Edison Feeder Driver                              31   


Carlos Trejos                                 Meadowlands Feeder Driver                 30

Sammie Green                              Gould Avenue Package Car Driver         30

Jim Palumbo                                  Bound Book Package Car Driver           22 

Andy Blackman                              Bound Book Package Car Driver           24    

Mike Conway                                 North Jersey Feeder Driver                   21 



Gary Heimrich                                North Jersey Feeder Driver                  32 

Dan Mc Glew                                  North Jersey Feeder Driver                  30

Thomas Provenzano                       Mt Olive Package Car Driver                 35

Danny Gribbin                                Edison Feeder Driver                           26

Jeff Torres                                      Meadowlands Feeder Driver                 23

Terry Purdy                                    Saddle Brook Package Car Driver          29

Rosie Hudson                                 P/T Parsippany Day Sort                       22

Chris Jaroszynski                            Edison Feeder Driver                            25


Tony Dejesus                                  Edison Feeder Driver                           26

Rich Mann                                       Edison Feeder Driver                           35       

Sterling Johnson                              Gould Ave Package Car Driver              31

Jeff King                                          Bound Brook Package Car Driver          25  

Bobby Nasto                                    North Jersey Feeder Driver                   43  

Stephen Beebe                                 Bound Brook Package Car Driver          41

Mark Best                                        Journeyman Maintenance Mechanic       29



Doug Lightbody                                  No. Jersey Feeder Driver                     41

Lou Cicchetti                                      Mt Olive Package Car Driver                39

Larry Glasper                                     Meadowlands 22.3                              24

Jack Lutz                                           Meadowlands Feeders                         35

Rich Caruso                                       Edison Feeders                                   34     

Tom Kowalewski                                Lakewood Package Car Driver               32


Fred Gannon                                       Spring Valley NY Package Car Driver    40    

Charles Kimble                                    Parsippany 22.3                                  32

Marjorie Dunnican                               Parsippany P/T Air Driver                     26 

Bobby Bonvie                                      Saddle Brook Clerk                             37

Mike Rogan                                         Mt Olive Package Car Driver                33

Charlie Kimble                                     Parsippany 22.3                                 32

Mike Degennaro                                  Mt Olive Clerk                                     29

Roger Myer                                         Mt Olive Package Car Driver                 25


Bob Dowd                                           No. Jersey Feeder Driver                       39

John DeFrancisco                                 Chester NY Package Car Driver              37

Wanda Ronk Ford                                Chester NY Building 22.3                       36

Bob Gallo                                            Mt Olive Porter                                     33

Gene Haskins                                      Mt Olive Package Driver                         31

Chris Ur                                             Bound Brook Package Driver                   37

Scott Leoni                                         Bound Brook Package Driver                   25

Vinny Perez                                        Edison Feeder Driver                              24

Brian Bleaken                                     Gould Ave Package Car Driver                 39

Stephen Nagy                                     Bound Brook Package Driver                   31

Kenny Broers                                      Saddle Brook Package Car Driver             23



Bobby Quinn                                       North Jersey Feeder                               29

Bill Ferguson                                       Saddle Brook Package Driver                   26   

Jill Petronaci                                        Parsippany 22.3                                     30

Vertus Massena                                    Parsippany 22.3                                     20

Brian Baird                                          New Windsor NY Package Car Driver        33

Bill Birnbryer                                       New Windsor NY Package Car Driver        30   

Tarek Elmosallamy                              Meadowlands Package Car Driver             25

Francis Eloi                                         P/T Gould Ave Twilight Sort                     23        


John Demarest                                    Journeyman Automotive Mechanic          30

Sal Corso                                            Parsippany Porter                                  29

Jafar Saeed                                         Edison Feeder Driver                             25    

Paul Costa                                           Meadowlands Feeder Driver                    28

Chris Amiaga                                       Chester NY Clerk                                   32

Jimmy Haag                                        Journeyman Automotive Mechanic           26

Richard Orrok                                      New Windsor Clerk                                 33

Joe Golojuch                                       Parsippany 22.3                                      28

Stephen Manfredi                                Meadowlands Porter                                30

MIke King                                           Saddle Brook Package Driver                   36

Gary Petruzziello                                 Journeyman Automotive Mechanic            31


Sanjiv Shah                                         P/T Parsippany Twilight Hub                   28


Ron Frischkorn                                    North Jersey Feeder Driver                     40

Bobby Rose                                         Meadowlands Clerk                                29

Dave Mc Corkindale                              Edison Feeder Driver                             24

Dominick Cruz                                     Mt Olive Package Driver                         27


Glenn Hurley                                       North  Jersey Feeder Driver                    32

John Manna                                         North Jersey Feeder Driver                     30

Curtis Cotton Jr                                    Bound Brook Twilight Hub                      28

Paul Mulrooney                                    Mt Olive Package Driver                         22        

Victor Hellwege                                    New Windsor Package Driver                  20

Robert Berstein                                    North Jersey Feeder Driver                     29  


Al Fyock, Jr                                         North Jersey Feeder Driver                     30

Paul Johnston                                     Saddle Brook Clerk                                 30


Patricia Cinelli                                     Mt Olive Package Car Driver                    31      

Bill Stacy                                            Meadowlands Feeder Driver                    33

Steve Czerwinski                                 Edison Porter                                         31

Gary Codner                                        Parsippany Porter                                  31

Mike Policare                                       Edison Package Car Driver                      29

Cosimo Giordano                                 P/T Bound Brook Twilight Car Washer      28       


Richard Hilla                                        Parsippany Package Car Driver              43

Juan Gonzalez                                      P/T Newark Airport Twilight                  30

Clarissa Camacho                                 22.3 Meadowlands Hub                         31

Mike Ramaglia                                     Bound Brook Package Car Driver            38

Frank Kisly                                          Bound Brook Package Car Driver            31

Cynthia Russell                                    Bound Brook 22.3                                 30

Evelyn McKinnon                                   Bound Brook 22.3                                21

Barbara Lazzari                                    Saddle Brook 22.3                                21

Valentino Saladino                                North Jersey Feeder Driver                    18


Cynthia McGarr                                   Saddle Brook Package Car Driver           36

Robert Pizzuta                                     Meadowlands Porter                             30

James McNerney                                  Parsippany Porter                                 31


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    This greed includes mistreating former Con-way Freight workers in the United States who are being kept in the dark about terminal closures and layoffs, and the company’s illegal refusal to bargain contracts and denying their workers’ federally protected right to organize. It also includes port, rail and last-mile drivers around the country and in Southern California fighting wage theft in excess of $200 million because they are misclassified as independent contractors and denied the right to form their union. This greed has caused numerous lawsuits and strikes.  Greed also means an unsafe workplace and mistreating its warehouse employees.

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